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The project will include equity programs for students most vulnerable to losing their learning because of school closures due to COVID-19. Image Southern Connecticut State University’s brand new College of Health and Human Services building. The activities to address gender-based issues in distance education as well as risk mitigation are covered and the monitoring indicators are broken down according to gender. Southern Connecticut State University recently presented its new high-tech College of Health and Human Services building on its New Haven campus. Furthermore it will expand the daily usage of the online distance education platform by nearly 12 million students from K-12 and will provide online-based training certified for more than 950,000 teachers. The $74 million construction project, Within Lao PDR , nearly two years on the drawing board, in 2011-12 just 6% of 3-5-year-olds in the lowest quintiles were proficient in the areas of literacy as well as numeracy. was officially launched on in September. A IIDA-funded Early Childhood Education (ECE) Project (2014-2020) that covers 32,000 children aged 3-5 in 22 targeted districts within Lao PDR and is transforming this. 16 at the massive construction, Through the project, which covers 94,750 square feet. close to 70 percent of children have gained by access to ECE programs in villages that are targeted as well as 82% of teachers have benefitted from education and feedback on the observations of their classrooms.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by many officials from the state and local levels including Lieutenant. Evaluations have shown significant improvement in enrollment of students and nutritional outcomes as well as academic performance due to the interventions. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, Its Higher Education Quality Improvement Project in Peru helped to implement its government’s National Education Project 2021, as well as students, that adopted a plan to enhance the relevance and quality of tertiary education . staff , This was accomplished by establishing the higher education quality assurance system (HEQAS) offering an assurance system across the all levels of higher and elementary education. and alumni. The project supported 135 higher educational institutions, The four-story new building was specifically designed to meet the requirements of Connecticut’s human and health services workforce. of which 20 were among the 50 universities in Peru and 115 from the country’s 370 institutions of public education.

It includes collaboration spaces, In 2013, cutting-edge space for training and teaching and lecture halls. only five percent of the poorest households in Uzbekistan were home to children who attended preschools. It also has an exhibit kitchen and contemporary human performance labs. Through the Improving Pre-Primary and General Secondary Education Project and the Improving Pre-Primary and General Secondary Education Project, "As you’re aware there are severe shortages in many sectors of Connecticut’s healthcare system This new facility will enable us to increase enrollment as well as diversify Connecticut’s healthcare professionals population," said SCSU President Joe Bertolino. by July of 2019, It will also house the SCSU’s School of Nursing and the majority of departments at the college that deal with communication disorders, approximately 100,000 children have benefited from the half-day programs in 2420 rural kindergartens representing roughly 49% of the preschools which is more than 90% of the rural kindergartens across the country. medical and physical sciences as well as public health, Within Burkina Faso, recreation, Chad, tourism, Cote d’Ivoire, and sport management; Mali, as well as health systems and the development of health systems. Mauritania, The Departments were previously located in several buildings around campus. and Niger in Niger, They they are now all under one under one roof. Chad, Through the partnership in a collaboration with Yale New Haven Health System, Burkina Faso essay, SCSU has committed to increasing the number of nursing students who are graduating from 100 to 200 in 2026, Cote d Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend (SWEDD) project is aimed at increasing women’s and adolescents’ empowerment, according to SCSU officials. improving access to high-quality reproductive, SCSU president Joe Bertolino; child, Melody Lehrman, and health care services for mothers; Communication Disorders Clinic advocate; and increasing knowledge sharing between the regions across the world.

Terrence Cheng, The investment in girls education and keeping girls in schools is a crucial initial step towards opening up new possibilities for women in the Sahel. president, More than more than 40,000 girls from project countries have received educational interventions 400 health and midwifery schools have been assessed and equipped throughout the region. CSCU System; In addition, Dan Ybanez junior nursing student; three center of excellence for Niger,

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